01 Nov 2011

Preparing for the Olympic Games


The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will present both opportunities and could also present challenges for your business. Research from Visa suggests the UK economy will benefit from a £750m increase in consumer spending during the Games. Many business sectors are anticipating a large increase in demand next summer, while local traffic management changes during the Games could severely affect the way you make and receive deliveries.

Start planning now to avoid areas of potential traffic disruption and temporary parking or loading restrictions. Make sure your operation is well placed to take advantage of the commercial opportunities by planning ahead and working with both your customers and suppliers to adapt the logistics side of your operation.

The aspects of your business that need consideration will depend on your specific circumstances. Detailed advice is available from tfl.gov.uk/2012 but some things to consider include:

Temporary road changes

Avoiding disruption

The most effective solutions for your business will depend on your specific circumstances, but options include:

  • Encouraging customers to pre-order stock
  • Consolidating deliveries
  • Postponing non-essential deliveries
  • Delivering to a different location
  • Completing deliveries out of normal working hours


Plan ahead to ensure you have the resources you need in place. Speak to your customers about their plans and identify staff and vehicle requirements based on forecast demand. Consider reserving any hire vehicles that you might need and bring forward routine fleet maintenance.

Overcoming operating restrictions

Transport for London has worked with the business community and London boroughs to identify best practice for out-of-hours activity. Visit tfl.gov.uk/2012 to find out more.

If your operation is subject to particular operator licence conditions that may limit your options for making out-of-hours deliveries, you could apply to the Traffic Commissioners for these conditions to be relaxed during the Games. More details from the Traffic Commissioners are available from www.dft.gov.uk/publications/traffic-commissioners-olympic-planning

Restrictions around Games venues

Stringent security measures and other local traffic management changes around Games venues will affect access for deliveries next summer. Visit tfl.gov.uk/2012 for more details. This information will be regularly updated in the lead up to the Games so please check the TfL website regularly for the latest information and advice.

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